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American brand Coro

brand Coro Brooch châtelaine by Coro
Brooch châtelaine by Coro

The complex formation of the Coro brand

Back in 1901, a New York businessman whose name was Emmanuel Cohn opened his business on Broadway. However, he already realized then that there were practically no department stores that had jewelry departments. It was then that Emmanuel Kohn decided to team up with the genius of jewelry making Karl Rosenberger. One with breakthrough business ideas in his head, and the other with knowledge of jewelry in 1903 launched a joint company under their names.

To be honest, at the very beginning of their journey, they did not create collections on their own and did not produce jewelry. Men attracted outside manufacturers and designers to implement their ideas. We must pay tribute to the businessmen, because they were only the best, talented employees, with the help of which it would be possible to take the American jewelry industry to another level.

brand Coro Brooch Vendome
Brooch Vendome

Needless to say, things were going well for them.

The organization sold necklaces, hatpins, beads, and mourning and other jewelry. Soon the realization came that it was necessary to independently produce fully finished products. Koro’s jewelry became recognizable, they were sold throughout the country.

However, in 1911, when production was just gaining momentum, the engine of the industry, Emmanuel Cohn, died. His partner did not give up, but bought out a friend’s share from relatives and continued the business. He did not change the name of the company, but left the name of its founder at the head. Demand for products increased, the company began to prosper, new factories opened.

Even during the Great Depression, in 1929, the factory in Providence was launched, which became the largest in the world. She used the latest technology and employed 35,000 people. The scale for that time was impressive!

Vintage Coro brooch
Vintage Coro brooch

Marking of vintage jewelry brand Coro

I must say that Coro’s products can be recognized even by people who are not versed in vintage products. Just look at the labeling of the jewelry. After all, as a rule, all products of the brand were marked. Only made before the 20s. didn’t have a label.

Since the marking changed regularly, it will tell you the age of the product. The first brand that could be seen on the jewelry was the first letters of the names of the founders of the brand “CR”. But most often the marking looks like this: Coro, Coro Pegasus, etc.

Titmouse brooch
Titmouse brooch
The most expensive jewelry brand Coro

Products of this brand are known, popular and valued among collectors. I must say that there are very rare specimens that are sold at a fabulous price. It is quite possible to see the amount for a product of $2000.

For example, in 1944, the elite brand Vendome was founded. It differed from the previous ones in that it used expensive materials.

And if you take the world-famous Jelly Belly brooches, which means “jelly belly” because of the special insert, they were also an order of magnitude more expensive than regular Koro jewelry.

Poster advertising Koro
Poster advertising Coro

And if the product was marked “Corocraft”, then it was made in 1937 and, moreover, from sterling silver.

I would like to highlight such brand jewelry: dress clips and paired brooches. They were covered with beautiful, multi-colored enamels and were also based on silver. It should be noted that such products had their own patent.

In addition, vintage jewelry that was used in printed materials is considered expensive. If there is an image of a brooch or necklace in a newspaper, magazine, or on an advertising poster, they immediately become a higher rank and deserve the attention of collectors.

Koro brand marking
Coro brand marking
Trademarks (main variants):
  • Coro since 1919
  • Coro Craft since 1937 Initially, products containing the trademark “Coro Craft” were considered to be of higher quality.
  • CoroDuette since 1931
  • Sterling Сraft Coro since 1942. They were considered more affordable, jewelry was often made of gilded silver.
  • CoroCraft Sterling from 1942 to spring 1944. More expensive items.
  • Coro Sterling since 1945 used after World War II.
  • CoroCraft (one word) registered in 1945, but used from 1944 to 1947.
  • Coro Pegasus since 1945, used after the Second World War.
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly
COROCRAFT Duettes, Vogue 194
COROCRAFT Duettes, Vogue 194
brooches were born at a price of 3 to 6 dollars (30s).
brooches were born at a price of 3 to 6 dollars (30s).
Brooches from the Alice-in-Wonderland line, 1933
Brooches from the Alice-in-Wonderland line, 1933
Brooch with Swarovski crystals
Brooch with Swarovski crystals
Brooch flowers with spinel
flowers with spinel
Brooch duck
Brooch duck
brand CoroBrooch Coro Duette Pat. 1852184
Brooch Coro Duette Pat. 1852184
brand Coro Sterling Owl set
Sterling Owl set
brand Coro Diadem Jewels 1947
Diadem Jewels 1947
brand Coro November 1946
November 1946
brand Coro Platina 1946
Platina 1946
brand Coro Chatelaines 1945
Chatelaines 1945
brand Coro CORO Duettes, 1935
CORO Duettes, 1935
brand Coro Paired brooch Koro
Paired brooch Koro