Beetles Makech – a living decoration

Beetles Makech – a living decoration

Conservationists will definitely not approve of this practice, but insects can sometimes become both decorations and pets at the same time.

A live beetle on a chain can be found on sale in Mexico. A chain is attached to the shell of a beetle called Makech with a non-toxic glue. Its horny shell is adorned with pebbles. A pin is attached to the opposite end of the chain, with the help of which the owner of the beetle pins it to the clothes. The insect is safe for humans and never bites.

Beetles Makech - a living decoration

The tradition of wearing a live beetle as a decoration is based on the Mayan legend. The story goes that the father prevented his daughter from being with her lover. And then the shamans turned the young man into a beetle, which the girl could wear on a chain and never part with him.

Beetles Makech

The owner of the jewelry must take care of the beetle. When not attached to clothing, the beetle must be kept in the aquarium, fed with dry pieces of wood and fruit, and sprayed with water from a spray bottle. Remove the beetle from clothing very carefully so as not to damage it. With proper care, the beetle can live 3-5 years.

By the way, if a foreigner wants to buy a live brooch as a souvenir, then in order to cross the Mexican border with a beetle, he will have to pay a fee of $ 500. Animal advocates have repeatedly protested against the use of insects as decorations. However, in Mexico, you can still buy Makech beetles.