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Bullfinches Graff Collection

Bird jewerly a symbol of freedom

Bird jewerly is a symbol of freedom, lightness and well-being. In many cultures, they were totems, the embodiment of the divine. For example, in the myths of Ancient Greece, Zeus appeared more than once in the form of a white eagle. A gentle dove from the time of the Old Testament is a good messenger.

It is not surprising that birds became the protagonists of a variety of decorations, playing the role of a talisman. Today we choose jewelry with those birds that we like, without thinking about their symbolic meaning and the fact that they give out our character to those around us.

Birds in the Graff collection
Birds in the Graff collection

The dove

The dove is associated with love, peace, loyalty and purity. Simple silhouette of this bird is perfect for creating jewelry for every day. It can be seen on buzzard diamond stud earrings and a Tiffany thin chain pendant.

The crane

The crane is a symbol of longevity and fertility. For those who choose jewelry with this graceful bird, as a rule, family values come first. Today, miniature images of cranes stylized as origami figures are popular. As in the old days, the crane is believed to bring good luck to its owner.

Bird jewerly
Hummingbird Tiffany & Co

Swallows were often featured on jewelry during the Art Nouveau era. They convey the femininity and fragility of the beauty of the surrounding world. Large pendants and earrings with miniature birds were very popular. Today, real dreamers choose jewelry with swallows.

The peacock

The peacock has been considered a royal bird since ancient times. Its plumage in sapphire and emerald colors inspires jewelers around the world. Peacock jewelry is suitable for extraordinary artistic personalities. Examples include the legendary Walska brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels with a 95-carat pear-cut diamond and a luxurious Chopard bracelet.


Parrots flutter from collection to collection of jewelry houses. These birds, the embodiment of coquetry and self-indulgence, appear before us in a wide variety of precious materials. Some of the most mischievous pieces can be seen in the Flora and Fauna collection by Cartier.


Swans represent love and loyalty. In most cases, they are embodied in clear diamonds. In the Animaux de Collection by Boucheron, you can see a black swan bracelet made of black sapphires.