Butterfly jewelry

Butterfly jewelry. The butterfly symbolizes the immortality of the soul and the fragility of life, the ability to rebirth and rebirth. In the East, this insect traditionally personifies joy and carelessness. In the 19th century in Japan, objects depicting butterflies were given as gifts for weddings and anniversaries as a wish of marital happiness, love and longevity.

In Europe, butterflies were endowed with magical qualities. So, elves and other good magical creatures were depicted with the wings of butterflies. At the beginning of the 20th century, England was shocked by the news: fairies exist and they really have butterfly wings! Two little girls took pictures of them while walking in the woods. Many people believed in the reality of the pictures published in the main newspapers of the country, including Sir Conan Doyle, the author of books about Sherlock Holmes. In the 1980s, the photographs were revealed to be artful montage.

Butterfly jewelry
Van Cleef and Arpels first created butterfly jewelry back in the 1920s.

Thanks to the Art Nouveau style, which first captured Europe and then the whole world at the beginning of the 20th century, jewelry with butterfly girls “settled” in almost every lady’s caskets. The most striking examples of these magical creatures can be seen among the creations of the jewelers René Lalique and Henri Dubret.

Boucheron Butterfly Wing Necklace. Butterfly jewelry

In 2012, the Maison Boucheron presented the Bouquet d’Ailes necklace, inspired by the fragile world of Art Nouveau. This high jewelery piece is perhaps the most sophisticated version of the iconic question mark – Point d’Interrogation. Emeralds, sapphires of various shades, diamonds and semi-precious stones, thanks to the talent of jewelers, have turned into an almost weightless branch on which beautiful butterflies rest.

Jewelry of the Graff jewelry house from the Pave Butterfly collection
Jewelry of the Graff jewelry house from the Pave Butterfly collection

Van Cleef and Arpels Ballerina Butterfly Jewel

Van Cleef and Arpels first created butterfly jewelry back in the 1920s. They were so popular that the company decided to release a complete collection entirely dedicated to these insects – Two Butterfly. She remains a real hit of sales to this day. Butterflies from time to time “fly” into the collection of high jewelry art Van Cleef and Arpels. For example, the luxurious Mysterious Butterfly brooch did not leave indifferent any fan of the brand.

Jewelry of the Graff jewelry house from the Pave Butterfly collection

The House of Graff also has miniature jewelry with butterflies: laconic – in the traditional Pave Butterfly collection and openwork – in the genre of high jewelry. The latter can be worn as a brooch or as a hair clip. In 2016, at Baselworld, the House of Graff presented the Princess Butterfly collection of transforming watches. The product can be worn as a luxurious bracelet, and if you wish, by opening the wings of a butterfly, you can find out what time it is. In total, four versions of the jewelry were created: with sapphires, with rubies, with emeralds and completely diamond.

The author’s set with butterflies from buzzard is suitable for a ceremonial appearance. The wing-flapping effect is achieved thanks to the diamond wings. With every movement, the jewelry seems to come to life. White gold earrings are encrusted with 196 natural sapphires and 232 round diamonds, and the ring is decorated with 64 round diamonds, 98 sapphires give it a deep blue color.

Butterfly jewelry can be a great gift for a close and beloved woman as a wish for a long, carefree and happy life.