Buzzard jewelry

Buzzard craftsmen

Buzzard craftsmen use a wide variety of precious materials in their jewelry, but with particular trepidation they work with natural sapphires in classic blue shades. Each such stone is valuable and unique. In an effort to maximize the decorative potential of the mineral, jewelers give it the main role in jewelry.

Peering into the blue sapphire, you want to go on a long journey: you can see the deep blue sea, the night starry sky and the cloudless distance in it. Not surprisingly, this gem inspires the Buzzard Guru to create high jewelry.

Buzzard jewelry
Large ring from buzzard

Large ring Buzzard jewelry

This oversized buzzard ring is eye-catching with its original shape. 188 natural cabochon sapphires seem to be ready to burst out of the gold base and rise into the air. Impressive, at first glance, the ring on the hand looks organic, and the grooves on the sides make it very comfortable. This unusual piece of jewelry of our masters will harmoniously complement both an evening dress and a casual look.

Earrings Eastern Night

Fantasizing about the chandeliers fashionable today, buzzard gurus drew a sketch of these magical earrings, as if created by a gin from an oriental fairy tale. They could be chosen by the beautiful princess Jasmine, going to a meeting with Aladdin.

In these earrings, the jewelers managed to fully demonstrate the tenderness of the sapphire. It is interesting how the stones are selected here: in the upper part of the jewelry, sapphires of a light shade are used, but the lower the gaze descends along the pendants, the darker and richer the tone of the minerals becomes. Transparent diamonds lend an airy effect to the jewelry.

Earrings Oriental night from buzzard with amethysts
Ring At the bottom of the sea

The Sea Landscape ring with a 14.3 carat sapphire invites you to the underwater world. A deep blue stone is located on a base encrusted with dozens of small sapphires. Looking at him, as if looking into the depths of the ocean. The gold setting resembles the harsh storm waves, and the diamonds play the role of “sea foam” here.

There are many more wonderful sapphire jewelry in the buzzard collection. After all, this gem awakens the imagination, plunges into the world of dreams, where jewelry masterpieces are born.