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It's Owl In The Family Gem
It’s Owl In The Family Gem

Christmas decoration miracle: Christopher Radko Company

The history of Christopher Radko Company began back in 1986. Since then, every year the artist has offered customers new collections of Christmas decorations, decorations and gifts. And even though a few years ago, carried away by columnism and a new, lavender, project, he sold his company, the name of Christopher Radko remains significant in the United States.

Once, in his article for USA Today, Christopher wrote that the realization that his work decorates millions of homes around the world makes him happy, because along with Christmas tree decorations, a part of his heart gets to people.

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It all started with a small domestic disaster. Christopher accidentally dropped the Christmas tree at home and all the toys broke. A frustrated grandmother told her grandson that he ruined Christmas forever, because it is simply impossible to replace the decorations that the family has been collecting for decades. The eighties of the last century were indeed the realm of plastic and styrofoam. Then it seemed that everyone forgot about glass jewelry.

So Christopher had to correct this situation. In addition to vivid childhood memories, the artist was also armed with modern ideas about decor and design, which he received while working in a modeling agency in France. He began to create his collection, inspired by the best works of the Victorian era. His imagination gave birth to jewelry that most of all resembled cute children’s toys, the memories of which remain with us until old age.

Halloween 7' Shape Garland
Halloween 7′ Shape Garland

In the nineties, Christopher Radko worked a lot in Washington.

He decorated the White House and the vice president’s house, and tied the Kennedy Center with a kilometer-long red ribbon, turning it into a big Christmas present. It was then that Christopher Radko with a light hand “Los Angeles Times” began to be called “the king of modern Christmas.” Christmas decorations made by this master have replenished the collections of Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John, Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand. The latter, by the way, inspired him to create a special Hanukkah series.

Christmas decorations from Christopher Radko Company are still very popular. At auctions, the price for them rose to $500, and the ornament from the 12 Days of Christmas series “left” to a private collection for $2,000. But this is not what Christopher Radko considers his most important achievement: “I helped people return to the holiday, as in childhood. It was worth working for!”

Christopher Radko CompanyBewitching Jack-o-lantern
Bewitching Jack-o-lantern
Flightless Yet Fashionable
Flightless Yet Fashionable
All I Want For Christmas Gem
All I Want For Christmas Gem
Christmas Treasures Tree
Christmas Treasures Tree
Christopher Radko Company Sweets for Sale
Sweets for Sale
Christopher Radko Company A Holy Night Gem
A Holy Night Gem
Christopher Radko Company Cheery Country Cottage
Cheery Country Cottage
Christopher Radko Company Divine Dessert
Divine Dessert
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Cheerful Chinoiserie Santa