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Diana Gianelli presented a new collection of jewelry

Diana Gianelli

Diana Gianelli presented a new collection of jewelry

The creator of the jewelry brand Dzhanelli Jewelery, designer-jeweler Diana Gianelli, explores the aesthetic side of natural forms and seeks to reproduce it in jewelry made of precious metals and stones.

Each piece of Dzhanelli Jewelery is created as a work of art: from an idea and a sketch to the materials used, technologies and high jewelry craftsmanship. A new chapter in the life of the brand was named “Flower of Life”. This set of jewelry, iconic for the jewelry house, embodies the brand’s desire for proportionality and harmony.

The 18-carat gold ring is topped with a brilliant-cut amethyst set with diamonds and enamel. The earrings-studs sparkle of rare purity aquamarines and diamonds. The jewelry is distinguished by complex geometry and the finest workmanship. An ancient sacred symbol – “flower of life” is guessed in each product.

The “Flower of Life” ideogram is a geometric figure formed by the intersection of circles enclosed in a large circle. The circles form a symmetrical pattern, the elements of which resemble a flower with six petals. In ancient cultures, the “flower of life” is found as a religious and spiritual allegory, a symbolic embodiment of the theory of the unity of time and space. Images of the “Flower of Life” are present in Byzantine architecture, on the megaliths of the Egyptian Osirion. Mosaic ornaments of Ephesus, the gates of the Forbidden City of Beijing, in the “Atlantic Code” by Leonardo da Vinci.

“Every artist finds an idea for himself that becomes the heart and soul of his works. For me it is a symbolic “flower of life” that has preserved a particle of ancient ideas about the perfection of the universe. Born by nature itself, ideal proportions are present in everything that surrounds us. Therefore, despite all the differences, we are united by the desire for love and beauty, ”says Diana Gianelli.

In the “Flower of Life” image campaign, different women starred. Among the models – the actress Varvara Shmykova and the creator of the brand Diana Janelli with her daughter Daniela. But despite the differences between the heroines, the photo shoot from Yulia Mayorova resembles a family album, in which jewelry becomes part of family values ​​and is inherited from generation to generation.


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