Dorrie Nossiter – English jeweler

Dorrie Nossiter Arts & Crafts Dress Clips.
Dorrie Nossiter Arts & Crafts Dress Clips.

Dorrie Nossiter (1893 – 1977), English jeweler and jewelery designer, was born near Birmingham.

Nossiter was educated at the Birmingham Municipal Art School from 1910 to 1914. By 1935 she had moved to London, where her work was shown in the exhibition “The Art of Four Women” at the Walker Gallery in London. Nossiter continued to exhibit there from 1935 to 1939.

Nossiter’s work is often confused with that of another female jeweler and jewelry designer of the same period, Sibylle Dunlop. But when you compare the work of these two women jewelers, the differences become immediately apparent: Dorrie Nossitter favored asymmetrical floral designs with lots of clear prong-set gemstones, while Sybil Dunlop gravitated towards symmetrical geometric designs.

Nossiter created precious jewelry of her own design from silver and gold. Her jewelry resembles luxurious flower bouquets. Dorrie Nossiter’s work dates mainly from the 1930s.