Hattie Carnegie

Vintage Hattie Carnegie Dodo Bird Brooch
Vintage Hattie Carnegie Dodo Bird Brooch.

Hattie Carnegie is the story of an emigrant from Europe (Austria), who became the owner of a multimillion-dollar fortune and a big name, the creator of magnificent collections of clothes, jewelry, handbags, hats, everything that makes up the concept of fashion, the trendsetter of which she was for a whole generation of fashionistas.

The first line of jewelry, consisting of 35 items, was released by Hattie in 1939 for her clothing collection. The success was overwhelming, and the production of jewelry becomes constant. Carnegie made jewelry from her own designs, but also attracted other designers.

Gold-plated choker with crystals and pearls.
Gold-plated choker with crystals and pearls.
Gold plated bracelet with crystals
Gold plated bracelet with crystals.

In the 60s, the famous Kenneth Jay Lane worked as a designer and creative director in the company.

Jewelry sets (necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets) were mainly produced. Jewelry made in various techniques, including metal, plastic (lucite), enamel, imitation pearls, semi-precious stones, crystals and glass, became icons of the Hatti style in the 50s of the 20th century. Intricate figurines, floral and plant motifs, fabulous creatures, Egyptian and African motifs, little men and clowns – Carnegie jewelry is unique and unforgettable.

Golden angel.
Golden angel.

Many well-known companies produced different lines of costume jewelry for Hattie Carnegie (Yves Saint Laurent for Carnegie (1978), Anne Klein for Carnegie (1979) and Valentino for Carnegie (1979).

Hattie Carnegie products are marked, and the most valuable ones are HC. The company’s jewelry is popular with collectors.

Clip-on earrings with crystals and pearls.
Clip-on earrings with crystals and pearls.
Brooch dolphin.
Brooch dolphin.
Hattie Carnegie Brooch cedar cones.
Golden cedar cones.
Hattie Carnegie Brooch bear
Brooch bear.
Hattie Carnegie Brooch clown
Hattie Carnegie Brooch parrot
Brooch parrot.
Hattie Carnegie Markings
Hattie Carnegie Markings.