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Insects in the works of jewelers

Insects in the works of jewelers

Precious insectarium. Insects in the works of jewelers.

Perhaps there is no more controversial image in jewelry than the image of an insect in a jewelry. And at the same time, it is very fashionable and relevant at all times.

Our ancestors saw in a spider sitting in the center of its web, a solar deity, creating the universe out of itself.

Insects in the works of jewelers
Sometimes the spider is depicted next to a fly.

A fly is not only a victim, but also a protector.

She is also a symbol of bravery – brave soldiers in ancient times were awarded golden flies.

The fly was often depicted in full size in the most prominent place in the paintings of Dutch, German and Italian artists of the 15th – 16th centuries. This is a kind of talisman against real insects that could desecrate the paintings.

There is one more insect quite frightening outwardly, which, nevertheless, looks very impressive in jewelry.

Cicada is a symbol of longevity, happiness and eternal youth.

Probably the explanation for this is the fact that the cicada lives longer than all other insects – up to 18 years.

Insects in the works of jewelers

The origin of this symbol, apparently, is associated with the legend of the cicada: when she was a kind and just queen, after her death she was reborn in the form of a cicada. Having become a cicada, it did not age physically and lived longer than all other insects. Since then, the cicada has become a symbol of eternal youth.