Jewelry company Moroccan Birds

Endless Circles Earrings - Silver
Endless Circles Earrings – Silver

Jewelry from Moroccan Birds brand is a godsend for fashionistas. These pieces work well with bohemian-ethnic outfits, add a touch of exotic charm to classic chic and casual jeans.

Mosaic Earrings - Gold
Mosaic Earrings – Gold

Moroccan Birds

Behind the success of the Moroccan Birds brand is the artistic talent and commercial flair of its founders, the sisters Zineb and Reem. Zineb designs jewelry collections inspired by Maracan culture. And Rome finds is the CEO of the company. She finds skilled artisans who handcraft them using ancient Berber jewelry techniques.

Magic earrings - gold
Magic earrings – gold

Silver bracelets and rings from the Timless Collection line will emphasize graceful wrists, thin fingers, semi-ring earrings from the Basics series will draw attention to a thin neck.

Openwork choker necklaces woven from gold threads from the Sfifo Collection will perfectly complement a bright caftan and a strict white blouse.

Moroccan Birds. Mosaic Earrings II - Gold
Mosaic Earrings II – Gold
Moroccan Birds. Zay Ring - Silver
Zay Ring – Silver
Moroccan Birds. Hammered Ring - Silver
Hammered Ring – Silver
Moroccan Birds, Multi-wire Bracelet - Gold
Multi-wire Bracelet – Gold
Dash Bracelet - Silver
Dash Bracelet – Silver
Ania Necklace - Gold
Ania Necklace – Gold
Chefchaouen Necklace In Colors
Chefchaouen Necklace In Colors
Cable Phone Strap in Rose Gold
Cable Phone Strap in Rose Gold