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Jewelry from the Indian brand Bina Goenka

Bina Goenka is a successful world-renowned jeweler who did not immediately find her calling. Bina received a prestigious legal education, but marriage and the birth of children did not allow her to build her career in this direction. The birth of her daughter inspired her to express herself. At first it was the creation of clothes, then she became interested in jewelry design. Bina worked on the creation of jewelry design for an international brand, but realizing that she was cramped within the established framework, she decided to develop in her own direction. The beauty of precious stones, a passion for art and an intoxicating spirit of freedom became the basis for the creation of its own jewelry brand Bina Goenka in 2008.

Bina, a woman from a wealthy family with a significant collection of jewelry, was extremely surprised to find that some of them did not match the declared quality. Therefore, the main criterion in creating jewelry for her is quality, exceptional materials and original design.

She loves to draw her inspiration while traveling, using elements from different cultures in her jewelry, but made with an Indian flavor. The designer expresses part of the culture of his country with the help of bright and large stones, these are large emeralds, tourmalines, but rubies have a special place in her jewelry.

Bina learned how to create living sculptures from a precious ruby.

A scarlet flower in a necklace with Mozambican rubies (more than 200 carats) looks incredibly natural, the invisible fixation of stones creates a single texture, conveying the silkiness of the petals with shine. The curves of the golden branches echo the natural beauty of the flower, and the green leaves of emeralds complete the look. Earrings with ruby ​​flowers look playful and graceful, the multidirectional petals and the attachment of stones create the illusion of fringe. A unique, dynamic necklace in the shape of a snake, diamond flowers give it the image of a mythical deity, and the rows of rubies accurately convey the smoothness of the scales.

Earrings with emeralds
Earrings with emeralds
Bina Goenka. Earrings with rubies, emeralds and pearls
Earrings with rubies, emeralds and pearls
Emerald ring
Emerald ring

The designer boldly experiments with other materials.

Her jewelry with pearls and mother-of-pearl is very original. Bina plays up the natural beauty of baroque pearls, diluting them with a scattering of bright emeralds and diamonds. She skillfully mixes the natural texture of mother-of-pearl and stone carvings. An amazing collection with conch pearls – a construction of diamonds of various shapes and cuts, daring and chaotic at first glance, creates a surprisingly delicate image in combination with pink pearls.

Bina Goenka boldly experiments with forms and style. Her signature accents include cut beads that she uses to create complete sculptures. Her jewelry is popular among both Bollywood stars and international celebrities. She creates exquisite jewelry that is full of nuances, every year her jewelry becomes more sophisticated and progressive.

Bina Goenka. Pendant cock with pearls
Pendant cock with pearls
Bina Goenka. Brooch with pink large stones
Brooch with pink large stones

Bina Goenka