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Korloff: perfume of the king of diamonds

Korloff Noir is the name of the world’s largest black diamond at 88 carats.

There is a Russian trace in its history. It was found in Siberia and for a long time belonged to the merchant family of the Sapozhnikovs the owners of an elite weaving factory that produced brocade, velvet and silk fabrics, including for state flags and other high needs.

After the revolution, the diamond was exported abroad, in the 40s it was acquired by a jewelry dealer from Antwerp, and then he began to change owners and travel around Europe until in 1978 the French jeweler Daniel Pailaser bought it and named his company after him. Paylaser has long been involved in diamonds, worked to order and rarely sold his products. With the founding of the brand, the jeweler “entered the people” he opened the first boutique and exhibited his collection there.

It also houses the Black Korlov, the king of black diamonds, insured for over 37 million.

Many large diamonds have rather dark legends, but Korlov is an exception.

It is believed to bring good luck to everyone who touched him once. Perhaps this is true, at least the Paylaser brand successfully exists, patents know-how, makes exclusive jewelry and even sews dresses with precious fittings.

As with other jewelry brands, Korloff perfumery is a purely image story, designed to increase name recognition.

The first was the spicy-floral Korloff it appeared in 1996 and for a long time was the only scent.

It did not become particularly popular, although the owner of the brand was hardly counting on it But the jeweler was seriously interested in perfumery. Twelve years later, the brand returned to perfume production, and Daniel Pailaser himself made two of the three fragrances in the Kn line the herb-mint Kn I and the oriental-floral Kn III. The fruity-vanilla Kn II was collected by the young perfumer Julien Raskine, the author of the Enclave fragrance from the latest Amuazhev series.

This line appeared on store shelves, attracted attention, began to be exported and things went more vigorously fragrances began to appear more often and immediately in lines. They do not chase after quantity and to date only 21 fragrances have been released.

We have Korloff perfumery not so long ago and in limited quantities appeared in the “Golden Apple”. They are all far from me, I go there very rarely, so my “korlovs” came with one of the orders in the i-mag.

I took two fragrances from the Mеmoire premium line for testing, which is dedicated to different places that are significant for the home.
And they came to me two good copies of already known fragrances.

Cuir mythique

This is a dedication to Siberia and its diamond mines. Coniferous forests, mosses, cold ozone and the purest snow immediately appear And the scent is not at all about that! Here, if it is Siberia, then the times of Yermak, when stern peasants creaked their saddles along the Irtysh.

Korloff, The Korloff Noir diamond is housed in the brand's flagship boutique in Paris
The Korloff Noir diamond is housed in the brand’s flagship boutique in Paris

Cuir Mythique begins with a frightening scent of tar and laundry soap. I even had time to think: “Wow, what is this!”, When suddenly it turned into a brutal leather scent, almost animalistic. I don’t know about iris, ginger, and even more so tangerine I didn’t feel any of this, but resin looms somewhere in the distance.
The words cuir and leather act magically on me, I love these scents, but this particular one I already had! It was only called Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma It is more expensive than the “progenitor”, and the stamina is lower. I am not disappointed, but I will not buy a probe again, much less the full format.


Addiction petale

This fragrance is dedicated to France. And I recognized him when the spray had not yet reached the skin Again my personal hell Fleur Narcotique clone! The only difference is the finish notes, when it is blurred by the flower powder and stops drilling out the brain. The pyramid contains bergamot, jasmine, rose, musk and orange blossom.

If you look at the Fleur Narcotic pyramid, you can see the synthetic component petalia, which gives the aroma of peony, lily of the valley and fruit. In Addiction Petale this word is translated as “petal”, but it seems to me that this is not a coincidence.


As a copy, it is good, especially since the durability is better than that of “Mystical Skin”, and the cost per 100 ml is lower than that of Fleur Narcotique. But never on yourself! It’s good that in our house “fleur” is considered a masculine scent, otherwise I would have regretted not having chosen another Of course, two fragrances are too little to form an impression of the brand. The perfume is good, but suspicions have crept in do they make their own original fragrances or are they just copying the successful decisions of others? If I find myself in the Golden Apple, I’ll try the rest. True, we have only a few units from the entire assortment.

This year Korloff launched a new fragrance red Korlove.

Korloff, Probes have very nice packaging
Probes have very nice packaging