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Brooch tree.
Brooch tree. Kung Tsung Tzu.

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Gong Zunchi, a Taiwanese jewelry designer, was invited to Hong Kong to participate in Sotheby’s auctions.

Gong Zunchi can be said to be one of those who blossomed too late, and the process of getting into jewelry design and becoming a professional jewelry designer is beyond imagination. Her story can be seen as a new opportunity presented by life after experiences and hardships. Due to the collapse of her husband’s business, she had to sell jade trinkets to support her family. After many years of married life, she faced the betrayal of her husband.


With the support of her friends, she turned the jewelry design ideas that she had nurtured over the years into jewelry, hundreds of items were sold out at the first solo exhibition.

Carved stone brooch.
Carved stone brooch.

Gong Zunchi said that the difference between her and other designers is that she first finds the gems and then gradually develops the design concept. In order not to be limited by the materials sold in the world, she learns to grind the stones herself.

Brooches are made of precious and semi-precious stones.

Bluebells flowers
Bluebells flowers
Kung Tsung Tzu Brooch sprig of leaves.
Brooch sprig of leaves.
Kung Tsung Tzu Jade Jewelry.
Jade Jewelry.
Kung Tsung Tzu Silver brooch with mother of pearl.
Silver brooch with mother of pearl.