Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino by Jacob & Co

Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino от Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co is known for its exclusive watches with hundreds of precious stones and multi-million dollar price tags. The new model is no exception to the rule.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to admire the amazing creations of Jacob & Co at the intersection of watchmaking and jewelry, complemented by hundreds of hours spent on unique functionality and technical complications. Whether it is powered by a Jacob & Co x Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon 16-cylinder “living” engine or one of the Solar series models with a miniature model of the Universe in a sapphire crystal case. Each creation of the brand catches the eye and does not leave you indifferent.

So, the new Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino is able to impress with its precious palette. The surface of the watch sparkles with more than 1000 precious stones of all colors of the rainbow, which entailed the expected result: it became extremely difficult to know the time. However, it is unlikely that someone will acquire this watch for the sake of determining the time. Well, if this is the case, then the owner of the luxurious piece will have to strain his eyes to notice the 8.18 carat diamond, which indicates the hours, and another – at 9.5 carats, which marks the minutes.

The strap, like the 50-mm case, is made of white gold and studded with precious stones, which in total provides the watch with 38 carats of diamonds and 46 carats of multicolored sapphires.

The Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino also boasts two triaxial tourbillons, separate 60-second tourbillon escapements and their installation inside two concentrically mounted two-minute tourbillon carriages.

The Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino watch exists in a single copy and is ready to acquire an owner for a fabulous $ 1.8 million.