Mystic topaz: a joint work of nature and man

Earrings, 925 silver
Earrings, 925 silver

Mystic topaz is a stone with an unusual color. If you turn it at a different angle, the stone will begin to change color, and the transition can be striking from purple to dark green.

Rainbow topaz looks like it really has mystical properties. He is credited with the ability to bring peace, love and hope. It is believed that the stone contains a powerful protective energy that protects its owner.

History of creation

The mystic topaz was invented relatively recently. It was first seen in 1998 in a jewelry collection from a Hong Kong brand. The unusual stones were created by Azotic. Azotic LLC is an American company and a leading provider of coating technology services for many products in the jewelry industry. In addition, she collaborates with businesses in the medical and aerospace industries.

The company provides comprehensive services including research, development and production of coatings. Azotic offers coatings from metals, non-metals and metal nitrides, oxides, carbides and other chemical compounds. She specializes in reactive sputtering and plasma processes for optical and decorative effects.

Rainbow topaz
Rainbow topaz

Azotic uses environmentally friendly technologies that are safe for humans and the environment without radioactive additives and heavy metals. Mystic topaz is also called “fire” stone, “ice of Alaska”, “topaz of the Caribbean”. This is not the only development of Azotic LLC: it also produces other stones and crystals with unusual optical effects.

How do mystic topazes get

It is made on the basis of colorless topaz, a natural gemstone. It is coated with a titanium layer using chemical vapor deposition technology. The substrate is placed in vapors of substances that react with it or decompose on the surface, forming a thin film.

The coating is usually applied not to the entire stone, but only to the pavilion. When changing the viewing angle and light source, a thin film refracts the rays, causing the topaz to sparkle in different colors. This unique effect hardly occurs in nature; nevertheless, the basis of the mystic topaz is natural, not artificial.

Pendant with mystic topaz
Pendant with rainbow topaz

Stone properties

Rainbow topaz has the same hardness as topaz 8 points on the Mohs scale. This means that it is quite resistant to scratching: the mineral can scratch glass, but less hard than diamond. At the same time, the coating that provides the unusual color of the stone is thin, prone to scratches and wear.

Topaz has perfect cleavage, and therefore it is quite easy to split with the right blow. Jewelry with mystic topaz must be worn carefully to avoid falling from a great height: the risk of cracks and even splitting is very high.

The decorative and physical properties of the stone make it possible to give it any shape of cut. The most popular are oval, circle, pear. Bartack can also be any, but blind (rim) and Halo are considered preferable. They create an additional protective layer around the central stone, protecting it from mechanical stress. Rainbow topaz has a glassy luster. All stones are transparent or translucent, and the purer they are, the brighter the colors. Inclusions are rare: they are usually invisible to the naked eye.

Ring with mystic topaz
Ring with mystic topaz

What colors are there

Azotic LLC produces several varieties of mystic topaz, differing in color:

  • Mystic Twilight Topaz, or “twilight” stone. Demonstrates the play of yellows, oranges and pinks.
  • Topaz Flaunts, or “Northern Lights” topaz. The color palette includes yellow, blue, green, pink, and red.
  • Pink Mystic Topaz, or pink mystic topaz. The main color is pink with purple tints.
  • Mystic Neptune Topaz. A stone that shimmers in all shades of blue and blue.

The most famous mystic topaz is a stone with shades of purple, green, pink. They replace each other depending on the angle of rotation to the light source.

Square Topaz
Price and valuation method

When it first appeared on the market, the mystic topaz was not cheap 20-40 per carat. As its popularity grew, its price began to decline: inexpensive stones used in jewelry appeared. On the international market, the price per carat varies from 10 to 500, depending on the quality of a particular specimen.

The cost of mystic topaz is influenced by its cut, color and clarity. The highest valued stones are without foreign inclusions with a predominance of yellow and orange shades. The richer the color, the more expensive mystic topaz is.

Bracelet with mystic top
Bracelet with rainbow topaz
Imitations and analogues

It is not the only “mystical” stone. On sale you can find:

  • mystic quartz;
  • mystic moissanite.

The principle of creating stones is similar: a thin film is applied to the natural base, which provides an unusual optical effect. The price and properties of each of them differ based on the value and properties of the substrate.

Moissanite will cost more, quartz will be cheaper. Rainbow topaz can sometimes be confused with alexandrite, a rare natural gemstone with strong pleochroism. Its ability to show different colors depending on the light source is natural, due to the presence of chromium. Alexandrite is much more expensive than mystic quartz from 5 to 37 thousand dollars per carat.

Earrings with mystic topaz
Earrings with mystic topaz
Jewelry with mystic topaz

Mystic Topaz is ideal for creating unusual and eye-catching jewelry. Most often, it is set in silver: the light gray shine of the metal emphasizes the riot of colors on the surface of the stone, but does not overshadow its splendor. Rarely is the setting of gold or copper, which gives the topaz an elegant and solemn look.

Mystic topaz decorates:

  • rings;
  • bracelets;
  • earrings;
  • pendants.

It fits into any style and design, giving the piece a mysterious touch. Mystic topaz looks great in solo performance, but it can be combined with other stones dark blue tanzanite, raspberry garnet or colorless cubic zirconia.

Mystic Topaz is a great choice for an engagement ring. Jewelry with this stone can be worn regularly: it does not require excessive attention or care. The only caveat is sensitivity to strong and sharp blows, so a ring with mystic topaz is not suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle or work with their hands.

Care rules

Mystic Topaz is scratch-resistant, but its coating is not. The thin layer on the surface of the stone can wear or scratch over time. Because of this, jewelry with mystic topaz must be protected from mechanical stress, scratches, friction and abrasives. Take them off before working out at the gym, swimming in the pool, or home cleaning.

Jewelry with an unusual stone should be cleaned regularly. A solution of liquid detergent is enough to remove everyday dirt: the jewelry must be rinsed and then gently wiped with a soft cloth. It is prohibited to use compounds with abrasive particles, hard brushes, aggressive chemicals.

Store jewelry with mystic topaz in a casket with upholstered or fabric bag. It is important to protect an unusual stone from scratches that can be caused by metal elements of other products or harder stones diamonds, sapphires, rubies.