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Pencil jewelry from a Czech designer

Bright, stylish handmade jewelry from Czech designer Anna Kurlezhova
Bright, stylish handmade jewelry from Czech designer Anna Kurlezhova

Pencil jewelry from a Czech designer

Now designers create jewelry from a variety of materials, ideas for creativity in this area are endless. For example, Anna Kurlezhova decided to use colored pencils as a material. As a result, she gets original and unique patterns for each of the products by joining pencil elements. After the jewelry takes its final shape, the designer covers it with varnish.

necklace Anna Kurlezhova
Pencil necklace
Round earrings Anna Kurlezhova
Round Pencil jewelry

Anna was born in Slovakia. Since childhood, she has been making various jewelry and bijouterie, has always been creative and resourceful. At the age of 16, she moved to the Czech Republic, where she graduated from university with a degree in glass and jewelry design, and then studied jewelry in Poland. Anna founded her brand Čarbičková in 2010.

The designer considers human hands to be the most perfect tool, and she chose colored pencils, which have always fascinated her, as the basis for her jewelry.

Pencil necklaces

Pencil accessories.

Anna loves expressive, bold and extravagant accessories, and she makes jewelry for creative, bold, confident and temperamental personalities.

Jewelry made of colored pencils became Anna’s calling card and thanks to them she gained fame. But she currently has other collections – accessories in bohemian, floral and nautical styles.