Reja jewelry company

Brooch and clips Grapes.
Brooch and clips Grapes.

The Reja company was created by designer – jeweler Solomon Finkelstein. It was originally named Deja Costume Jewelry Inc., but this caused controversy with the already existing Du Jay company due to the phonetic consonance of the names. The name was changed to Reja. All Reja products were produced in small batches, and only for retail sale. Now it is quite difficult to buy Reja jewelry in good condition.

Silver brooch Basket with flowers with enamel.
Silver brooch Basket with flowers with enamel.

From 1942 to 1947, Reja produced collections with enamel on silver, “Africano”, “Jack in box”, “Willow”.

In 1947, Finkelstein designed the “Gardenesque” line, flower vase brooches made of gilded sterling silver, blue sapphire (or Chinese red stones) covered with colored enamel. These products reflected his taste and preferences for this kind of miniatures. For the autumn collection of the same year, he designed brooches with rhinestones for the dancers of the Dancing Women ballet.

Grape brush with green stones
Grape brush with green stones.

In the manufacture of jewelry, they used crystal, moonstone, rhinestones, glass. They used nut and fruit motifs in their collections. Gorgeous evening series of necklace, bracelet, brooch and clips, was released in the early 40’s, with rhodium plated, rock crystal and gold-plated trim.

Reja has used registered trademarks: “Deja”, “Reja”, “Reja Reg.” and Reja Inc.

On December 4, 1953, the brand declared bankruptcy.

Reja Pair of brooches Two Goose
Pair of brooches Two Goose.
Reja Brooch, imitation topaz.
Brooch, imitation topaz.
Reja Gold plated set, clips and brooch
Gold plated set, clips and brooch.