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Silver earrings Malachite from Paraiba
Silver earrings Malachite from Paraiba

The history of the Sunduk brand began in 2014, when the first branded jewelry store was opened under this name. Over the years, the company has opened a network of salons in the city of Makhachkala-Kaspiysk. More than 5,000 silver items are presented in the salons. The company has its own OTC (technical control department), where goods are controlled and checked and manufactured. Products from the jewelry brand Chest are a triumph of aesthetics, grace and luxury, uniqueness. All products are made of the highest standard of silver and inlaid with the most expensive cut of stones, have unusual and bizarre shapes, which, combined with originality, fit well into any fashionable image.

Sunduk Earrings Wings of Aurora
Earrings Wings of Aurora

SUNDUK is a collection of exclusive jewelry mainly made of precious metals – silver of the highest standard.

OWN JEWELRY PRODUCTION of Sunduk jewelry house

The approach to quality is the same for any product manufactured by the plant. For all types of products, only high-quality raw materials and banking purity of gold are used. Cubic Zirkonia, a semi-precious and ornamental stone, is cut with one’s own hands. Quality control is mandatory in all areas of work, for any type of product.

Sunduk Silver clover ring
Silver clover ring

For many years, buyers have been with them, waiting for the release of new collections, new author’s works, and this is the best recognition and award for the manufacturer. The handwork of the master cutter, the master jeweler conveys the whole idea and beauty of the stone. In this regard, the artists, while developing products that the mass market requires, do not lose their individuality and the plant always remains recognizable even in mass production.

Artists are not limited to the tasks of mass production. The company supports and carefully preserves their right to creativity. Today, the company produces from 40 exclusive products per year.

Sunduk Jewelry box 2021
Jewelry box 2021
Sunduk Silver earrings Clover with green malachite
Silver earrings Clover with green malachite
Silver pendant Five stars
Pendant Five stars
Silver GRAF ring with golden X
Silver GRAF ring with golden X
Silver Sunduk bracelet Snake
Silver Sunduk bracelet Snake
Sunduk sterling silver earrings with pearls
Sunduk sterling silver earrings with pearls

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