The Frankie Shop

Frankie shop turquoise handbag
Frankie shop turquoise handbag

The new style leader was born in New York, gained international fame in Paris, and received his first inspiration in London. Here’s why everyone loves The Frankie Shop.

The Fashion Shop has earned cult status over the years: first as a Parisian boutique called the second Colette – it was the first to present only the best of many super-brands, including Ganni, Nanushka, Walk of Shame and Rachel Comey. Then – with their own collections of clothes that every girl dreams of. You will love these things for a long time. Restrained casualness, minimalist silhouettes, the vibrancy of New York and the laid-back chic of Paris.

Why do influencers choose Frankie shop?

In all fashion weeks, most editors and influencers choose Frankie’s style – simple and chic. The perfect oversized jacket? A perfect pantsuit? The perfect trench coat? Dream jumpsuit? The best leather pants? Everything is. A basic wardrobe with a twist is what the Frenkishops call Everyday Formula and do it with skill and love.

At the same time, the brand can be called the compass of conscious shopping – from the moment of its creation, it first produces a very limited, then just a small assortment. And, it seems, pays no attention to the seasons: his classic hits are reworked and reissued throughout the year.

Frankie shop

What is the success of Frankie shop?

Success lies in subtlety and lack of banality and boredom. And in the immutability of the brand. Plus, not extortionate prices: there are no four-digit prices, but things look like a million. And will surely stand the test of time.

Today, the founder of The Frankie Shop Gaelle Dreve is releasing new models in large quantities, but she still uses drops, carefully analyzing the demand. No overproduction! This is also one of the secrets of popularity.

Among the clients of the brand are the first it girls: Hayley Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Pernil Teisbeck, Jeanette Friis Madsen, Emily Syndlev … And Camille Charrieu even made a collaboration with The Frankie Shop.

Frankie’s Girlfriend is a city dweller who needs stylish, comfortable clothes to ride her bike to work: not girly or downright sexy, but definitely elegant and confident. Gael herself calls this style Girl meet Boy.

Frankie shop
Frankie shop striped shirt

How did Frankie Shop come about?

Gaelle Drevet is a French journalist and TV producer who moved to New York to pursue a fashion business. In 2014, she opened the first Frankie Shop on the Lower East Side, and in 2016, an already thriving online store. Then she moved to Paris, the Marais quarter. Why fashion? Once in London for work, she discovered the local fashion markets of Portobello and Shoreditch and unknown young designers. “It was so inspiring then – it wasn’t about money or social media, but just trying to create something interesting.” A friend of hers was selling shoes and they decided to order several models in India. We flew to Delhi, came up with some new styles. This is how it all began.

You can’t go to India, but New York is full of young designers with small brands – for them Dreve and like-minded people opened Pixie Market in 2006, and then her magical boutique.

Frankie shop patent leather boots

She smiles when asked about the brand’s phenomenal success.

“I think we came up with a more confidential fashion, a more androgynous one, and a more interesting and sophisticated office option. Transformed the classic costume to give it a slightly rocker look. And then Instagram helped a lot. In 2016, after Trump was elected, I made a Pussy Power T-shirt in response to his measures to cut funds for organizations helping pregnant women. And we got 10,000 subscribers in 3 weeks! ”

According to Gaelle, Frankie’s girlfriend is looking for an aesthetic that crosses boundaries. New Yorkers are more daring, while Parisians keep classic codes. “I try to keep the same things everywhere. And everywhere people often come to the store with a photo from Instagram and the words: “We would like this” – I have to approach fashion in the same way! ”

Dreve loves influencers for obvious reasons. But the main one: “These are women with a very strong sense of style. They just know how to pair clothes and accessories in a way that inspires. They understand what Frankie is and vice versa. ”

What does Gaelle like?

Her own daily choice? Beautiful vintage oversized blazer. “It goes with everything, it hides a slightly aged T-shirt or shapes that we would like to disguise, it gives an elegant androgynous charm.”

Her own daily choice? Beautiful vintage oversized blazer. “It goes with everything, it hides a slightly aged T-shirt or shapes that we would like to disguise, it gives an elegant androgynous charm.”

Gael also loves the physical presence and his brick boutiques.

“I didn’t grow up in the digital age, and I think I’m old enough to fight for brick and mortar! I hope the girls will always enjoy going to the store and having fun opening and trying on clothes. ” True, she said so before the pandemic.

In 2020, the brand planned to open a warehouse in Europe – “so that we can finally help European customers get some goodies from Frankie without crazy shipping fees.” Plus, more brick-and-mortar stores and new collaborations. Everything collapsed, but. “If there is anything we have learned during these difficult times, it is to seize the opportunity to slow development. Therefore, the focus is now on the organic development of the brand. ”

In the midst of the pandemic, all stores and the brand’s website were closed for two months – “the only safe practice for everyone on our team. It was extremely challenging both for the business and in many ways: “We couldn’t send anything, but our customers remained loyal and we took care of our people. Of course, everyone was happy to resume work. We’ve really seen growth since opening – and we don’t take this support for granted! “