The Henn family’s stone carving Goldsmith

Henn family's stone carving. pink parrot (morganite, gold, sapphire)
pink parrot (morganite, gold, sapphire). Henn family’s stone carving.

Goldsmith Ingo Henn has settled in Hatton Garden, London’s renowned jewelery district. Fame quickly came to the jeweler, thanks to the unusual point of view he used on the presentation of a gem in jewelry. When you look at his signature jewelry, you immediately notice the stone. The jeweler practices the use of a unique color for each gem.

As a child, Ingo Henn was fascinated by beautiful colored gemstones and grew up among gem dealers, cutters and jewelers in his parents’ traditional business located in the heart of the German jewelry industry. Ingo is the son of Hans-Jürgen Henn, one of the world’s leading gem dealers.

Ingo Henn discovered his calling at a very early age. And after years of intensive training, he finally graduated as a Master Goldsmit. The traditional methods of making jewelry used in manufacturing in Germany are its unshakable and enduring part of ethics.

Henn family's stone carving. Morganite flamingo
Morganite flamingo. Henn family’s stone carving.

In the following years, Ingo continued his professional growth internationally.

During his frequent travels, he met many of the leading artisans and businesses in the jewelry industry.

In the mid-90s, he made a name for himself in London’s Hatton Garden jewelry district with the launch of his Henn of London brand. There he created his own trading floor with a nearby workshop – here he turned his vision of beauty into reality. A distinctive feature of the master’s jewelry is the harmonious design of the jewelry, achieved through exquisite colored gemstones, hand engraving, enameling and artistic craftsmanship. The rare stones used by Ingo Henn are supplied by the trading company of his father and brother Henn GmbH.

Henn family's stone carving. Rhinestone Polar Bear
Rhinestone Polar Bear. Henn family’s stone carving.

The respected and popular Henn brand in jewelry circles is concentrated within one family, where everyone works for the good of a common cause. Each work is unique, it has depth and one might even say soul, given the love with which Hans-Jürgen and his sons – Ingo Henn and Axel Henn – refer to the creation of masterpieces.

Father Hans-Jürgen and Axel, a gem cutter and dealer, work in Idar-Oberstein, Germany – they work together to create art and gem cutting, while Ingo designs and creates jewelry in London’s famous Hatton Garden jewelery quarter.

Ingo uses unique colored gemstones for his projects – a passion he inherited from his father, who is a renowned mineral enthusiast.

Henn and Henn of London have established themselves as representatives of exquisite taste and first-class manufacturers of handcrafted art objects and jewelry. The Henn family is engaged in three activities at once: the sale of collectible stones, unique objects of stone-cutting art and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Henn family’s stone carving products

Vase with girls. Henn family's stone carving
Vase with girls. Henn family’s stone carving
Aquamarine owl
Aquamarine owl
Aquamarine Santa Maria, yellow sapphires, platinum, diamonds
Aquamarine Santa Maria, yellow sapphires, platinum, diamonds
Henn family's stone carving Birds (Amethyst, Citrine)
Birds (Amethyst, Citrine)
Henn family's stone carving Elephant (Rhinestone)
Elephant (Rhinestone)