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The Kent brand created fully decomable underwear

KENT decomable underwear
KENT decomable underwear


California-based underwear brand KENT has introduced a line of compostable briefs that will not only fit you beautifully, but also won’t harm the environment.

“We are reimagining lingerie to be as gentle on your skin as it is on Mother Earth.” This slogan hangs on the KENT brand website and its creator, Stacy Grace, really finds ways to be as gentle as possible with her customers and nature. Her company recently introduced a line of 100% compostable briefs that biodegrade in just 90 days. (By the way, even an avocado takes 180 for this process.) And unlike alternative polyester underwear, KENT underwear will not lie in landfills for years, releasing toxins into the atmosphere. And it will return to nature as a resource.

It took Grace 3 years to develop a line that would answer several requests at once: the panties would be comfortable, beautiful and completely environmentally friendly. So, for the manufacture of linen, natural organic cotton Pima was chosen. Which prevents pollution and allows the skin to breathe. The panties are hypoallergenic, naturally cool and do not contain harmful substances such as petrochemicals, pesticides and microplastics. And they don’t have any stickers or annoying tags.

Choose from bikinis, thongs and high waisted briefs. And their packaging also consists of compostable, eco-friendly material with soy-based ink.