Versace brand

Versace brand

There is no need to explain to anyone what Versace brand is in the modern world of the fashion industry. Style, quality, undisguised sensuality, and, of course, an endless rise above our daily life. This is the world of Oscar-winning stars and the red carpet. This is a long-term success of the fashion house, created by the talent of Gianni Versace.

Gianni Versace is a recognized genius, masterly using a needle and scissors. But has it always been this way? Probably always. It’s worth starting with the fact that Gianni was born into a family that owns a sewing shop. So in 1946, the future fashion legend began to be created in the small Italian town of Reggio di Calabria.


The boy grew up under the influence of his mother. It was she, being a seamstress, who instilled in him a professional taste for fashion, for beauty, taught him a special attitude towards women. And although the parents saw the boy as a future architect, he, being in a constant creative atmosphere, linked his life with fashion. At eighteen, despite his young age, he was a mature tailor with his vision of the perfect dress.

Versace brand

Visiting Paris, London, Rome, young Versace sought to capture the slightest change in the fashion world. Hard work and his powerful talent soon began to attract attention. And now the fashion capital Milan is at the feet of the young couturier. Enzo Nicosia launched Gianni’s creations and the most eminent fashion houses: Valentino, Callaghan, compete for the right to attract a talented master.

Simplicity, freshness, sensual femininity what has always distinguished the work of Versace. They always talked about his new projects, customers poured in with business proposals, buyers “swept away” all the models from the shelves.

Chronicle of success

Several years passed in this way. And then in 1974 the first designer collection was born.
1978 was marked by the birth of the now world famous, and then only gaining strength brand Gianni Versace S.p.A. The business has become a family business. Santo and Donatella, his siblings, were also at the origin of the business.

Medusa Rondanini, the best latest Hellenistic replica of Medusa’s head, presented in this case as the head of a beautiful woman with naughty curls, became the logo of the new brand. She became a symbol of fatal antique beauty, from which it is impossible to look away.

Versace brand

Versace women’s collection

The start was made. The same year was decisive for the first women’s collection. She was greeted as enthusiastically as the images looked enchanting in her. Unusual, bright, feminine. The calling card of all models incredibly short, on the verge of decency, skirts, high slits, tight-fitting silhouettes, corsets this is what the stars of the eighties picked up in the near future.

The models of the master have always been distinguished by special courage of decisions; they never resembled the main trends of the seasons. Versace was the best among the best, but as if on his own. His outfits revealed the soul of the master, and not many people are capable of such sincerity.

The year 1979 has come another milestone on the path of the fashion house. It was marked by the opening of the first store in Milan, presenting only Versace collections. And, of course, the first men’s line was published.

As if pushing back the boundaries previously conquered by other business sharks, Gianni Versace S.p.A in 1980 launches perfumery, a fragrance that embodies the whole idea of ​​a fashion house luxury, genuine sensuality, femininity. The sillage Versace Young turned out to be captivating, warm, chypre.

The following years are the time of unthinkable collections, all the shows are a real show, both in staging and decorations, and in the clothes that the maestro created. He, the integrator of the Baroque style into the modern fashionable space, allowed himself to experiment with cut and fabric, patterns and textures. During this period, one of his most fantastic collections was created from the finest aluminum. For this collection in 1982, Gianni received the Cutty Sark and Golden Eye awards.

Versace Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Milan

In the same year, Versace began collaborating with the Teatro alla Scala. An avid fan of theater and art, he has created a series of incredible costumes presented in productions around the world, such as “Salome” and “Doctor Faust” by Bob Wilson, for the ballet “Dionysus” by Bejart.

The master’s contribution to the development of the fashion industry, music and theater has been repeatedly noted with special awards.

By the late 90s, the Gianni Versace S.p.A brand is a mixture of extravagant, street kitsch and all sorts of historical cues. This is its own eclecticism, formed in an attempt to combine an army uniform with lace underwear, it should be noted, in a very successful attempt.

The first men’s fragrance

At this time, the first men’s fragrance Versace L’Homme appears. And then he begins to declare himself as a designer Donatella Versace, the younger sister of the eminent couturier.

Since 1988, looks by Gianni Versace have been a permanent feature of Vogue US’s spreads. It was then that the name Anna Wintour appeared in the fashion industry. A woman with an iron character, about whom they wrote: “The devil wears the Prado”, having become the editor-in-chief of the chief fashion publication, radically changed his face. She was against the standards, against the clichés. All this perfectly matched the models of the house Versace. Now the Devil preferred this fashion brand. It was she who first revealed to the Americans the truth: Gianni is not vulgar, but very glamorous. This is how Gianni Versace S.p.A conquered America.

Versace brand

Later, Wintour herself said that America was made to fall in love with Gianni by his enchanting brilliance and absolute support of fame.

Woody Allen, Elton John, Madonna, Cher, Tina Turner, Princess Diana, Jane Fonda, Hugh Grant, Sting, George Michael, Luciano Pavarotti a star list of those who admired Versace’s masterpieces.

Academy Award

In 1991, the sixty-third Oscar ceremony was marked for the house of Gianni Versace in the person of Cindy Crawford, the recognition of the best image. It was a red low-cut long dress. Today we can say that it has gone down in history as the perfect dress for the red carpet. This is the only outfit that whole articles have been written about separately.

The style of rock, “neopank”, sexual energy what distinguished the work of the master during this period. His clothes made him stand out from the crowd. The collection autumn-winter 91/92, as accurately as possible, reflected the creative mood of the designer: leather, metal, mini style were actively used in clothes, plus heavy shoes.

For all its flashy luxury and sexuality, the master’s creations were somewhere close to ready-to-wear. He himself said that his works are mass creativity. For people. And the most interesting thing is that his models are always so “too”: impudent, shining sexy, defiant, excessive, invariably were close and understandable to even the most distant person from the world of fashion.

Home collection

Time did not stand still, and the fashion house continued to build up its potential, mastering new areas of activity. The Home Collection was launched in 1993. These are carpets and bed linen, dishes, watches. All products in the category deluxe.

And here it is, 1994! And again the maestro’s enchanting dress. Black dress from Versace by Elizabeth Hurley. The fairy godmother in the face of Gianni brought a gorgeous gift to the then little-known model, who did not have a suitable dress for a star appearance. Large elements of gold jewelry, the famous neckline and of course a daring cut are the brand’s classics. Elizabeth Hurley and her dress got the media talk.

Of course, if you really remember the famous dresses of the master, then you certainly need to say about the fantastic electric blue dress for the crowned person. Of course, we are talking about Princess Diana. 1996 Sydney. Long satin dress on one shoulder in incredible color. This is Diana’s brightest way out after the divorce. It was then that she was able to afford a dress “not according to protocol”, not to obey the British throne.

Quite frankly, it was Versace’s worldwide recognition, an incredible success story. He devoted himself with all his heart to creativity and people, and they reciprocated. He was admired, talked about, idolized by the models he worked with. Ultimate sincerity was the secret of his success.

Gianni was killed

The summer of 1997 passed when the most powerful genius of modern fashion was gone. His life ended abruptly. Not from an illness he suffered a few years earlier. On that fateful morning of July 15, Gianni walked through his park in Miami Beach. A rare case he was unguarded. A shot rang out. Gianna Versace died on the way to the hospital. His killer, Andrew da Silva, a homosexual maniac, was found immediately. There was no one to detain. The guy shot himself. As it turns out, over the years, Andrew da Silva fanatically worshiped Versace and wore his clothes.

This is how absurdly, unexpectedly, the life of a great man ended. His body was secretly transported to his homeland in Italy.
On July 22, 1997, a farewell ceremony was held, where people grieving over the death of the great master were present. Elton John and Naomi Campbell, Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld were also parting. During these days, thousands of letters of condolences arrived. So the one who created not only for the body, but also for the soul, who created his own personal chic and shock, left.


On the horizon of fashion, the star of Donatella, the younger sister of the master, shone. The brand’s popularity dropped. And until 2000, sales also fell, until Jennifer Lopez appeared in the famous chiffon dress. It was an absolute success.

2003-2004 Donatella worked to get the company out of the crisis. Some production lines were closed, and small collections were presented. Profitable contracts were concluded with the Lamborghini brand and a special collection of men’s accessories was created under the Versace for Lamborghini brand.

Working in this vein, the fashion house by 2009 was able to resume the production of clothes on suspended lines.

Today, when talking about the fashion house Versace, everyone understands what they are talking about the history of survival. Donatella Versace, once just the younger sister of a genius, was able to bring the brand back to the world level. World Fashion Weeks, the strongest football clubs, jewelry collections, the construction of luxury hotels all this again under the Versace brand name.