Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, one of the most famous Arkhangelsk jewelers

Brooch Orzhekhovsky
Brooch by Orzhekhovsky

Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, one of the most famous Arkhangelsk jewelers, was born on December 14, 1951 in the town of Bui, Kostroma region. In the same place, on the Volga, in 1972 he graduated from the Krasnoselsky School of Artistic Metal Processing (KUKHOM). At this time he started working as an engraver-fashion designer in the experimental workshop of the Krasnoselskaya jewelry factory and worked there for three years, until 1975, until he left for Arkhangelsk.

Brooch with emeralds
Brooch with emeralds

After moving, he began working as an artist-designer and master of decorative and applied art in the Arkhangelsk branch of the Art Fund of the RSFSR. FROM 1978 Vladimir Timofeevich participates in art exhibitions of regional, zonal and republican significance, and since 1982 Orzhekhovsky is a member Union of Artists of Russia.

In 1970-1980 he went on an expedition to the Kola Peninsula, the coast of the White Sea. The jewelry works of Vladimir Orzhekhovsky cycles “Flowers of the sea” (1984), “Lakes of the tundra” (1987), “Seasons” (1988), “My constellations” (1989) and “Laminaria” (1982) natural beauty of northern stones (agates) , amethysts, rock crystal, pyropes) organically combines with metal. In the decorations and compositions made by the artist, smooth and soft lines coexist with hard and sometimes aggressively pointed ones. This is also explained by the jeweler’s inspiration – nature. In the works of Orzhekhovsky, as in the entire surrounding world, we will find contrasts everywhere, due to which appears some tension and drama. And without them, probably, there is no art.

The works of Vladimir Timofeevich Orzhekhovsky are in the collections of the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore, in the Kaliningrad State Art Gallery, as well as in private collections in Russia, Poland, Norway,
Finland, Japan, USA.

Jewelry By Vladimir Orzhekhovsky

Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, Brooch with mother-of-pearl
Brooch with mother-of-pearl
Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, Brooch with mother of pearl
Brooch with mother of pearl
Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, Brooch with rubies
Rubies brooch
Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, Jewelry brooch with stones
Jewelry brooch with stones

Brooch Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, twig Earrings and brooch Vladimir Orzhekhovsky, Earrings Souvenir