Vladislav Yavorsky jeweler

Pink Spinel Maharani Necklace
Pink Spinel Maharani Necklace.

Vladislav Yavorsky, born in 1970 in the city of Osh, Kirghiz SSR, is known as one of the world’s largest spinel traders. The author of books on gems, one of which was named one of the best books for gem lovers in 2016 by JCK magazine. Yavorsky has repeatedly been interviewed as a world expert on gems and new deposits by such authoritative publications as The New York Times and others.

Marco Polo Spinel Crystal Necklace
Marco Polo Spinel Crystal Necklace.
Tsavorite and Diamond Earrings
Tsavorite and Diamond Earrings.

A jeweler with Russian roots, Vladislav Yavorsky, founded his own brand Ivy New York in America in 2012, whose products adorn the pages of leading fashion publications, as well as the ears and wrists of Tatler heroines. All products of the brand are made by hand and in a single copy.

The jewelry created by him has already managed to fall in love with Russian and foreign celebrities – Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Renata Litvinova and many others.

Spinel and Diamond Euryalina Earrings
Spinel and Diamond Euryalina Earrings.
Tsavorite and Diamond Euryalina Earrings
Tsavorite and Diamond Euryalina Earrings.
Demantoid Snowflake Earrings
Demantoid Snowflake Earrings.
Vladislav Yavorsky Spinel Bracelet
Spinel Bracelet.
Vladislav Yavorsky Spinel Ruby and Diamond Bracelet
Spinel Ruby and Diamond Bracelet.
Vladislav Yavorsky Moonstone and Diamond Ring
Moonstone and Diamond Ring.
Vladislav Yavorsky Demantoid and Diamond Ring
Demantoid and Diamond Ring.
Vladislav Yavorsky Demantoid and Diamond Earrings
Demantoid and Diamond Earrings.
Vladislav Yavorsky Sapphire Emerald and Diamond Necklace
Sapphire Emerald and Diamond Necklace.