What is an arsi ring

arsi ring

Indian women’s jewelry is always very effective. Some of them carry not only aesthetic meaning, but also have certain practical functions. These include arsi – a large ring that Indian beauties wear on their thumb.

Arsi ring can be made of precious metal – gold or silver, or it can belong to the category of inexpensive jewelry. The main element that must be present in the decoration is a mirror insert. There are many options for ring designs. It can be decorated with pearls, enamel, diamonds and other precious stones.


The arsi ring not only captivates with its colorful beauty. Its function is to enable a woman to check her appearance at any moment, even when she just wakes up. There is an Indian belief that what a girl sees first in the morning will affect her day ahead. And it’s best to see your own reflection at this moment. And brides can also discreetly look at the groom in a tiny mirror right during the wedding ceremony.

Earlier, the arsi ring was worn exclusively on the thumb.
Earlier, the arsi ring was worn exclusively on the thumb.

Now you can see arsi not only on the thumb, but also on the other fingers of the hand; it is worn by completely different women from housewives to celebrities.