Dzhanelli Jewelery – a brand of intelligent jewelry

Dzhanelli Jewelery – a brand of intelligent jewelry
The founder of the brand about the essence of his jewelry, Stroganovka and childhood in Georgia.

– Diana, please introduce your brand to our readers.

– Dzhanelli Jewelery collections are created by a team of the best craftsmen. Thanks to the latest technologies, the secrets of traditional jewelry craftsmanship, we give everyday luxury of various types and forms for very sophisticated and discerning people. The idea to launch Dzhanelli Jewelery was born while I was working at the Moscow Jewelry Factory, whose team I joined at the age of 20.

– What materials are used to create these stunning jewelry?

– Dzhanelli Jewelery House smart jewelry is made of silver, gold, platinum, steel and titanium, decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as various enamel techniques. I love to experiment, to mix lace, semi-precious stones together with precious stones, silver with diamonds in my things. But in my opinion, the essence of each product is more important than its appearance. Each collection has its own idea and story, all my creations are created for something, and not just like that. It’s all much deeper, and each collection can be discussed separately. One of the strengths of the brand is the lack of a “general idea” uniting different collections.

– Who comes up with sketches of jewelry for your brand?

– All the collections that are produced by my jewelry house are designed, invented and manufactured only by me. This is my favorite profession, which I have been doing for many years. I, of course, have my own production, which produces the entire volume, but all the sketches were made by me personally.

– How is the Jewish theme reflected in the 770 collection? And how often did the Jewish topic come up in your life? Where are you from, Diana?

Dzhanelli Jewelery - a brand of intelligent jewelry

– My Jewish collection “770” includes not only six-pointed stars, but also mezuzahs worn on the body, hamsas, even rosaries with hamsa and Magen David. I am a mother of three children, the eldest son goes to a Jewish school, the younger children attend a Jewish kindergarten. I always felt like a Jew, I grew up in a Jewish family, and before my Bat Mitzvah it turned out that I was not a Jew according to Halakha, because my mother is not a Jew, only my dad. From that moment on, the conversion began with Rabbi Berl Lazar, quite a long time ago.

My Jewishness means a lot to me. I was born in Georgia, where my childhood, home, the warmest, brightest memories remained. Unfortunately, as a child, I saw the war in many of its manifestations, which was forever imprinted in my soul as a painful mark.

Dzhanelli Jewelery - a brand of intelligent jewelry

– What is the secret of your ability to maintain the artist’s own style, not to be afraid of competition with the capital’s jewelry chains?

– I am a woman and I live my definite life, during which I understand that I simply cannot constantly wear the same jewelry! We have different periods of being, time, mood, state of mind, and a piece of jewelry – an accessory that adds to you either courage, or brightness, or tenderness, or those emotions that you lack. Thanks to my products, their owners come to complete energy harmony. There are indeed a lot of jewelry outlets of a different price segment in Moscow, but I have a completely different level – I prefer private individual orders, my jewelry is either bought immediately, or they save up the necessary amount for a long time and then buy it, or buy it because they cannot pass by.

Dzhanelli Jewelery - a brand of intelligent jewelry

– Actually, the profession of a jeweler is not quite typical for women …

– Agree. Before the Textile University, I entered Stroganovka. And when my dad came to resolve the issue with my documents and saw with his own eyes all this bohemian atmosphere, enough adult students, he strictly stated that I was from a Caucasian-Jewish family and would not study there and that this institution was not for me, suggesting the Textile University … I had no choice but to agree. Of all the professions offered by this university, the most attractive seemed to me to be jewelry craftsmanship. We can say that my beloved dad had a hand in this and determined my future destiny.


Diana Janelli was born in 1985 in Tbilisi. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts of the Moscow State Textile University (2005). In 2014, she opened the Dzhanelli Jewelery brand.