Jewelry from the Indian brand “Her Story”

Her Story, Earrings. Whisper in the Wind collection
Earrings. Whisper in the Wind collection

Jewelry from the Indian brand “Her Story”

The Her Story brand, by its name, reveals its approach to the creation of jewelry. Each collection is a separate story that conveys emotions and feelings through images. Just as artists-painters tried to convey with the help of their paintings the character of the heroes, their mood, convey or, on the contrary, encrypt the essence of certain images, so the designers of the Her Story brand try to reveal in their jewelry many facets that are hidden inside a woman.

Her Story, Keeper of Heartstrings collection.
Keeper of Heartstrings collection.

The Keeper of Heartstrings collection. Her Story brand

The Keeper of Heartstrings collection is dedicated to a woman who, with the invisible power of her love, enriches any relationship. The woman-mother is the center of the family, it is her creative love that unites and protects dear people. The main element of these jewelry is the center, which contains rose quartz – a symbol of love. The subtle shade of the central stone, its translucency, creates the right balance of decoration design and color scheme.

Limitless collection

The exact opposite of the Limitless collection is tough and dynamic. The character of the decorations is supported by rigid geometric details, which are similar to the mirrored windows of megacities. This collection is dedicated to strong and determined women who are able to achieve great success in the professional field.

Whisper in the Wind collection
Whisper in the Wind collection

The Whisper in the Wind collection

The Whisper in the Wind collection reveals a feminine sensibility that can soften any heart. Jewelry made of white gold and diamonds is like delicate and sophisticated lace. Delicate tulip solitaire diamonds are accentuated by the soft, scalloped edges of shimmering rose-cut diamonds.

Her Story, Spirit of the Wild collection
Spirit of the Wild collection

“Spirit of the Wild” collection

The “Spirit of the Wild” collection reveals wonderful moments of freedom for us. Delicate colors, accentuated by the ombre effect of precious stones, the design of the jewelry that reminds us of the wings of a beautiful fairy bird. The layered and fluid cascade of pink feathers is like pink dreams that inspire action. In the original necklace, the pink wings are not fixed, their freedom is not limited, this enhances the effect of lightness.

collection “Laughter in the Rain”

A kind of continuation is the collection “Laughter in the Rain” (laughter in the rain) – this is endless positive and cheerfulness. Lightweight, three-dimensional embellishments showcase a stunning ombre effect interspersed with pink pavé sapphires. The amorphous shapes and movement of the jewels are reminiscent of flowers dancing in the wind.

Collection Heart of Blue
Collection Heart of Blue
collection “The Poetry in Motion”

Reverance to Indian traditions is made in the jewelry of the collection “The Poetry in Motion” (poetry in motion). The jewelry contains miniature gungru bells made of rose gold and diamonds. Enamels and pendants in luxe blue and green tones can be attached to create a wide variety of looks. In some pieces the elements change color by means of a turning mechanism, while some of the bells are decorated using elements of the traditional polka technique. The jewels dance gracefully to soft musical sounds as they move. To achieve this playful sound effect, miniature golden spheres are carefully placed inside each gungru.

Bracelet from the Heart of Blue Collection
Bracelet from the Heart of Blue Collection
Collection “Heart of Blue

Collection “Heart of Blue” calms and gives peace. The serene shades of blue come to life in hypnotic designs that remind us of summer days spent by the sea.

Jewelry brand “Her Story” creates unique jewelry that conveys a special atmosphere, inviting to look into your soul and find your beauty.