Jewelry inspired by Elena Osadchaya

Peacock brooch Elena Osadchaya
Peacock brooch

Jewelry inspired by mysticism and nature from Elena Osadchaya

The artist from Kiev Elena Osadchaya, also known under the creative pseudonym Ellen Rococo, has been designing jewelry since 2009, as well as a stylist, model, photographer and musician.

Made from polymer clay combined with other materials such as metal and crystals, her animal jewelry impresses with its incredible, mystical designs.

According to the artist, thanks to her work, she expresses everything that she feels, everything that surrounds her, everything that she reads and looks at. “I am often asked what exactly inspires me to create these works. Sometimes I answer that this is mythology, mysticism and nature. But most of all, of course, people and their biography inspire me. ”

Elena Osadchaya Crow Collar Choker
Crow Collar Choker
Mystical cat Elena Osadchaya
Mystical cat
Elena Osadchaya Necklace-beads with a pendant unknown animal
Necklace-beads with a pendant unknown animal
Elena Osadchaya Flower cat with enamel and precious stones
Flower cat with enamel and precious stones
Raven necklace
Raven necklace
Owl necklace
Owl necklace
Necklace with raccoon beads
Necklace with raccoon beads
Red beetle beads
Red beetle beads by Elena Osadchaya