Stylist Vika Moldavskaya

Stylist Vika Moldavskaya

Interview with Stylist Vika Moldavskaya, fashion bloger and founder of own jewelry brand

Fashion blogger and stylist Vika Moldavskaya (viva_la_vika) spoke about how important it is to be able to convey your own mood with the help of clothes, and whether it is worth chasing a large number of influencers.

Stylist Vika Moldavskaya

How would you describe your style?

– I like the casual style, but with elements of eclecticism, while I tend to mount some ultra-fashionable things in my image, while maintaining a calm and relaxed image. Right now, comfort is important for me – I do not want to build anyone out of myself only thanks to clothes, and it is rather important for me to show through it how I feel. And since I feel harmonious, calm and confident, my clothes are now exactly the same – they are not pretentious and somewhere even calm, while not devoid of special super trend details.

Who do you think is the most stylish of your contemporaries?

– I have long been a fan of Natasha Goldenberg’s creativity and I think that it is a gift from above – to be able to see clothes like that.

Stylist Vika Moldavskaya

What brands do you follow from season to season?

– If we talk about expensive brands, then this is CĂ©line – an incredibly interesting brand. It is not known how it will change after the departure of Phoebe Fileo, but in any case, this is the only brand that I follow closely. Balenciaga is interesting to me only from the point of view of an observer: I am curious where all the hype that they have managed to create around them will lead to. I can’t help but mention Loewe – their line of accessories seems to me the most attractive. Of the more democratic stories, I like to watch commercial brands like 12storeez, both in terms of building a business and in terms of clothing.

How do you take a break from fashion?

– I do not need to take a break from fashion – for me this is not a job, but a hobby. So I do not rest from fashion, I live by it.

What trends will be relevant in the fall, and which are the time to forget about?

– I advise you to take a closer look at jackets – there are already a lot of them, but I think that this trend will still gain momentum. The top-end option, of course, is from Dries Van Noten – I mean his jacket with a scarf; the side-by-side Balenciaga jacket is also very iconic; Joseph has good jackets in nice colors. And as for the anti-trends, it’s time to ditch the Balenciaga ninja shoes – all those platform socks look out of date.

How do you part with boring things?

– I am just prone to the accumulation of things, I am one of those who find it difficult to throw them away – I do it only years later, when I realize that I will definitely never wear these clothes. It is much easier for me to give the clothes – to my sister, mom, friends – than just get rid of them.

Is it possible to pursue a career in fashion outside of Instagram?

– Of course you can, I know many cases when people do not use social networks at all, but at the same time have their own weight in the fashion industry. At the same time, it is much easier to build a career with the help of visual content, since thanks to this resource you can really attract a lot of the necessary attention.

How many followers on Instagram will make you feel like a fashion influencer?

– The number of subscribers is still not an end in itself, the goal is cool content, cool texts and cool visual presentation; I have examples where people have few subscribers, but they are cool and really cool to dress up. At the same time, there are examples of those who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but you won’t get high-quality information from them. Therefore, I am for the fact that it is not so important how many subscribers you have – what really matters is what and how you do it.