5 jewelry brands from Aliexpress that you should pay attention to

5 jewelry brands from Aliexpress
5 jewelry brands from Aliexpress

Aliexpress is the world’s largest virtual trading platform. Jewelry brands also did not pass her attention: however, the premium segment is poorly represented here, but jewelry is represented very widely. If you’ve never bought jewelry online, this is a great way to top up your jewelry box without going broke.

SANTUZZA Chinese brand from Aliexpress
Santuzza Chinese brand from Aliexpress

SANTUZZA – brands from Aliexpress

The Chinese brand specializes in making sterling silver jewelry. But what kind! He skillfully uses enamel inlays and colored stones to create original and memorable pieces. Design ideas are realized using cubic zirconias, amethysts, topaz, garnets and other jewelry stones.

The collections are dominated by floral and plant motifs:

  • birds with bright plumage;
  • insects;
  • flowers;
  • abstract shapes and symbols.

The brand produces mainly women’s jewelry – rings, earrings, brooches, pendants and ready-made sets. The sizes, judging by the reviews, coincide with the indicated grid.

jewelry brand from Aliexpress – Bamoer


Bamoer is a Chinese jewelry brand, one of the most popular and well-known on Aliexpress. It produces jewelry made of 925 sterling silver. Most of the items are rhodium plated, so they have a bright cold shine.

The range offered by Bamoer includes:

  • earrings;
  • rings;
  • bracelets;
  • necklaces.

The main highlight of the brand is original charms and bracelet pendants. They can be worn on a Pandora-inspired snake bracelet or on a silver chain.

There are a lot of design options: there are charms in the form of insects, fruits, hearts and other popular symbols. Enamel, pomegranate, pearls and multi-colored cubic zirconias are used for decoration.

JEWELRYPALACE jewelry brand from Aliexpress
Jewelry brand from Aliexpress


Another jewelry brand from China offering a wide range of silver items. It has existed for more than 9 years, during which time it managed to earn a reputation as a top store and 98% of positive reviews.

JEWELRYPALACE produces collections for women, men and children, while not limited to one stylistic direction – there are both classic and bohemian designs. The brand practically does not use natural gemstones. To give jewelry a bright color, he turns to artificially created imitations – mystic topaz, cubic zirconia, nanosapphires. The collections of this brand are delicate, feminine and romantic.



The Chinese brand WOSTU is often compared to BAMOER, both of which offer a huge selection of charm pendants. The material for the manufacture is the same rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver

The quality of the products is decent, especially given the low cost. WOSTU releases charms with collections dedicated to a specific date or event:

  • New Year;
  • Christmas;
  • St. Valentine’s Day;
  • Halloween and others.

WOSTU jewelry is flirty, funny, unusual. However, there are also models for lovers of the classics: miniature haggie earrings, studs and laconic Congo rings.



KCALOE is a jewelry brand with a wide and varied assortment. He is not limited to the production of sterling silver items, but uses a variety of materials and techniques:

  • epoxy enamel;
  • natural and artificial leather;
  • wood;
  • cubic zirconia;
  • natural stones.

The works are bright and colorful: vintage keychains with a dragon’s eye, spectacular luminous rings with dried plants, bracelets made of natural stones. The last successful find is leather bracelets with inlaid pendants, which you can choose yourself when placing an order.