7 beautiful models from different countries

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

The fashion industry cannot be imagined without supermodels, who have become the “calling card” of famous brands. The girls are beautiful, well-groomed and have the correct body parameters.

Charm attracts, so I propose to compare the beauty of models from different countries. I will tell you a little about each, I suggest you share your opinion about the beauties in the comments.

7 beautiful models from different countries who have achieved popularity: Cara Delevingne, UK

The big-eyed beauty started her career in 2012 and quickly achieved good results. It took her only one year to start working with Victoria’s Secret and take part in the brand’s show. Kara’s further activities were not so rapid, but her popularity continues to grow. (Scroll through the photo).

In 2015, Delevingne felt tired and temporarily left the podium until 2018. Now she is still a popular and sought-after supermodel, actress and singer.

Miranda Kerr, Australia
Miranda Kerr

Australia, Miranda Kerr

Miranda can rightfully be called one of the youngest models in the history of fashion. She won her first victory at the age of 13, when representatives of the DOLLY brand organized a competition among those wishing to cooperate with them. Later, having become quite popular in Australia, it attracted attention on the American continent.

Kerr became the first Australian woman to achieve the honorary title of Victoria’s Secret Angel. She became the first supermodel to appear on the cover of Australian Vogue magazine while pregnant.

Bhumika Arora, India
Bhumika Arora, India

India, Bhumika Arora

Indian origin gave Bhumika an atypical and memorable appearance, a unique combination of sensuality and seriousness. The girl has great respect for her culture, and never agrees to wear too revealing clothes or go topless on the catwalk.

Despite this, she is a sought-after model. Vogue magazine wrote about Arora that she is distinguished by sensual lips, capricious eyes and a slender figure that causes envy. Honestly, the beauty of the model is peculiar, for an amateur.

Liu Wen, China
Liu Wen, China

China, Liu Wen

A beautiful Chinese woman became the first model from the Middle Kingdom to appear at the Victoria’s Secret show. But these are not all of Liu’s achievements, she also became the first girl from Asia who was invited to cooperate by the legendary company Estee Lauder.

In addition, she was included in the list of the most “expensive” models according to Forbes. Liu Wen has become the most popular model in Asia. In my opinion, there are more attractive Asian women.

beautiful models, Adriana Lima, Brazil
Adriana Lima, Brazil
Brazil, Adriana Lima

First of all, Adriana is known for a long and fruitful collaboration with Victoria’s Secret – 19 years, since 1999. For the entire period of her activity, the model has participated in 20 fashion shows. She has worked with renowned clothing brands.

In an interview, Lima said that she continues to work on new projects, while simultaneously taking care of her beloved daughters. She thinks her life is very eventful, which is great.

beautiful models, Hayley Bieber (Baldwin), USA
Hayley Bieber (Baldwin), USA
USA (Baldwin), Hayley Bieber  

She changed her last name after she married a famous musician, and began her career under her maiden name. As the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, she has been familiar with the world of show business since childhood. Debut as a model took place in 2014, when Hayley took to the catwalk representing Topshop.

The beauty quickly became famous, worked with famous brands and appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. The marriage to Justin Bieber in 2018 also stirred up the press, causing a variety of reviews, but the spouses do not pay attention to them.

The wedding did not become an obstacle for Hayley to continue her supermodel career, after a few months she signed a contract with Levi’s.

beautiful models, Katya Grigorieva, Russia
Katya Grigorieva, Russia
Russia, Katya Grigorieva

The future Russian top model was born in the small town of Olenegorsk. Having moved to Murmansk, Ekaterina began to dream of a modeling career. A tall and slender girl was noticed and offered to move to Asia, but her parents did not let her go.

Soon Katya took 2nd place in the Russian modeling competition. In 2014, she traveled to New York to participate in fashion shows. In 2015, the top model officially invited the Victoria’s Secret brand. Ekaterina became the first Russian “angel” of the company. Before that, there was only participation in the famous show, in which Katya was noticed, appreciating Russian beauty.

In 2020, Ekaterina became the mother of a charming daughter, the baby’s father is Dynamo footballer Anton Shunin. The young woman is enjoying her new status.