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Adelya Bakhtiyarova jewelry designer

Adelya Bakhtiyarova

Adelya Bakhtiyarova is a jewelry designer, founder of her own brand Adelya Jewelery. Adelya was born in Tashkent and has been living in Dubai for over 20 years. She graduated from London Saint Martins, where she studied jewelry in the first year of her studies, then 3 years of bachelor’s degree in interior designer. Created the interior design of Kanye West’s apartment.

Adele spoke about her brand.

Adelya Bakhtiyarova, How did you decide to become a jewelry designer?

Accidentally. The first collection I created was dedicated to the oriental theme and was called “Kaleidoscope”. Living in a multinational, colorful, hot Dubai, I wanted to wear bright jewelry with multi-colored stones. Despite the abundance of brands and shops, I could not find what my imagination drew. So, remembering the course that I had finished in St. Martins in London, I decided to try and make jewelry myself. Unexpectedly for myself, I got carried away and bought a second one, but no less exciting!

Adelya Bakhtiyarova
Adelya Bakhtiyarova

What is your source of inspiration?

Sometimes I draw from walks in beautiful parks, as is the case with the Kaleidoscope collection, sometimes interesting ideas are suggested by numbers, fateful figures in our life, travel, in particular, it happened with “Felix”.

How does Adelya Jewelery brand differ from others?

I think there are no fundamental differences; all jewelry brands delight their fans, and I strive to ensure that the owners of my jewelry feel comfortable and enjoyable. Of course, there are such moments as in the history of the creation of the “Keys” collection: a pendant made of stone corresponding to the stone of the owner’s horoscope.

How do you come up with designs for your products?

Good question! Initially, I choose stones, it is a very fun and interesting process. It is the stones that give me inspiration. Then work on the sketch, selection of color, shape, size of the material, after which I bring the model to the judgment of my loved ones, and, as a rule, they are my strictest jury!

Adelya Bakhtiyarova

What materials and stones do you work with when creating jewelry?

I really like to combine semi-precious stones with diamonds and pearls. It is very interesting to engrave semi-precious stones, given the fragility of some materials. This is a time consuming job that skilled craftsmen from India do for my products.
Relatively recently, I created a line of jewelry, which was favorably accepted by my grateful fans, and now the second collection is on sale. It is important to note that the jewelry is made of hypoallergenic materials!

How would you describe a girl wearing Adelya Jewelery?

Energetic, businesslike, bold, not afraid to mix different styles, while deciding to wear famous brands with the products of novice designers.

Which celebrity would you like to see in your jewelry?

Any admirer of my brand is very important and valuable to me; it is very joyful and pleasant to see my products on fashionable, successful and cheerful girls. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me that Alessandra Ambrosio was noticed in my jewelry.

What is the brand’s success?

Don’t stop and try to surprise your friends and brand fans with new ideas!

Where can you find your jewelry?

In Dubai, Astana, Almaty, Moscow and Bishkek.