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Nanushka brand

Nanushka brand


Hungarian fashion brand Nanushka became the first to make eco-leather clothing cool and elegant, and most importantly, durable.

ECO leather (or vegan) has a “breathable” effect, is hypoallergenic, soft, elastic and does not feel natural to the touch. It must contain cotton, and the artificial material – polyurethane or polypropylene – is environmentally friendly and does not cause irritation. It can also be washed!

What other textures and fabrics does Nanushka use?

Vegan leather with a sleek, modern design isn’t Nanushka’s only find. For example, the Pre-Fall 2020 collection had a lot of recycled cashmere and organic cotton.

The mesh knit is 100% recycled polyester (eliminating the need for primary resources and reducing waste). Georgette, Tech Linen, Pleat 60s, Slip Satin fabrics are all based on cellulose obtained from sustainably managed forests, that is, not conducive to deforestation.

And for patchwork vegan leather products, material from past seasons was used. At the same time, each bow from the collection looked like the basis of a basic wardrobe.

What values ​​does Nanushka create?

Trends are trends, but the founder of the brand Sandra Sandor prefers to create things that can forever remain in any wardrobe and be inherited. “The right values ​​- longevity, quality and provenance – must prevail over the hype. Creativity and good design will regain their role as the driving force behind fashion success. ”

Until the advent of Instagram and social media, a brand that was by no means based in fashion capitals had a chance of gaining international recognition. In 2016, the influencers made the Hide vegan leather down jacket a must-have and still is. It is worn by everyone from Copenhagen to Atlanta and is the very durability Sandra has always strived for.

Nanushka brand

What is interesting for Nanushka for the warm season?

This spring, Nanushka brings us hippy chic, country style and plenty of macramé. (And the masculine line, from which we will gladly borrow every thing). Sandra conducted the first quarantine in a Hungarian village, a real wilderness. She was shocked by the closeness of nature, feeling a transforming and at the same time balancing power. And she developed the concept of the spring collection, moving from a “pause, a moment of contemplation” to active interaction with the world.

We don’t know if macrame is pause or activity, but Nanushka has it beautifully and is used for everything: caps, bags, vests, as well as sleeves on a shirt dress and a continuation of shorts. Add to this a great summer trench coat in chewed cotton, a sky-colored dress with an open back and a patchwork top in recycled jersey, and, of course, a light suit with eco-leather shorts – you get the most coveted spring wardrobe.

Just don’t forget to pick up everything with prints from the men’s collection – they are wonderful. 59% of the collection is completely ecological, which makes Sandra very proud: “This is the maximum that we have reached at the moment”. But not the limit for the future.

What’s next?

A collection of sunscreen bases: eco-friendly lenses and frames made from biodegradable materials. “Sustainable development is the foundation of both Nanushka and our vision for the present and the future. It’s all about making decisions with love and consideration for the planet and people. ”

About love for people. A year ago, Nanushka joined the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The eco-label has retooled its atelier to manufacture and distribute reusable face masks made from unused fabrics.

About 2,000 masks were produced each week during the past May and were given away free of charge to customers who placed online orders. The reusable masks have also been donated to charities.

So the word does not differ from the deed.