Elizabeth Taylor’s Royal Jewels

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor in an emerald half-pair (set includes earrings, necklace, ring and brooch) at the premiere of the film Flea in Her Ear, 1968

The rich collection of jewelry of the queen of Hollywood was legendary even during the life of the actress. Each copy in it is a separate work of art, but in the box of Elizabeth Taylor, you can also find samples of the rarest historical value.

Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret at the premiere of Staircase, 1969

It was not for nothing that she was called the “queen of Hollywood”: the brilliant Elizabeth Taylor not only kept her own yard on both sides of the Atlantic and charmed the whole world, but also owned… her own treasury.

Her high status in society has always been supported by jewelry-flashy, massive, exclusive and famous all over the world. The actress even had her own tiara, which crowned all this splendor of bracelets, brooches, pendants and rings (in total, it is estimated that there were more than 250 items). The diamond and platinum jewelry was given to Elizabeth by her third husband, Mike Todd, and although Mrs. Taylor was not a royal person, she did not hesitate to go out in extravagant jewelry. There are even archival photos of Elizabeth in the tiara, talking to Princess Margaret – and, interestingly, the Queen’s sister herself refused to wear tiaras that evening, of which, of course, she had much more at her disposal.

Elizabeth Taylor ‘s Royal Jewels

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bvlgari necklace, put up for auction at Christie’s, December 1, 2011

And speaking of Margaret. Another interesting episode that happened between the actress and Her Highness is also widely known. During the conversation, the straight-talking Margaret glanced at Elizabeth’s famous ring, which shone with a 33.19-carat diamond, and suddenly said: “This is the most vulgar thing I’ve ever seen.”

– Would you like to try it on? – the actress was not at a loss.

“Yes, please,” said Margaret, who had put on the ring and was looking at the stone in the light for a long time.

It is not known exactly how long this magical moment lasted. But, apparently, enough time passed for a triumphant Elizabeth to sum up: “You see? It’s not so vulgar now, is it?”

The actress ‘ jewelry collection consisted of high-quality products made by the best jewelry houses in the world, from Bvlgari to Cartier. All of them, of course, struck with their beauty, purity of stones and filigree execution. However, Elizabeth Taylor could boast of something else, because in addition to just very expensive jewelry, in her casket you could find real pearls of the jewelry heritage of mankind. The actress owned a couple of jewels, directly or indirectly related to the most famous royal dynasties in the world.

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