WHITING & DAVIS Co workshop

Vintage pendant on a chain and clips from Whiting & Davis with cameos
Vintage pendant on a chain and clips from Whiting & Davis with cameos.

In 1876, in the town of Boston, three men – Willian H. Wade, Edward P. Davis and Louis Heckman organized a small workshop for the manufacture of silver jewelry Wade Davis & Co.

In the history of WHITING & DAVIS Co, the date of the creation of the first metal mesh handbag has been preserved – 1892, which was created manually by Charles Whiting. The handbag has become a popular women’s accessory from the 1900s to the present.

Vintage clips and necklaces
Vintage clips and necklaces.

In the 90s of the 19th century, the company created silver bracelets in the form of snakes, which are still Whiting & Davis’ signature jewelry.

Art deco and geometric shapes fell on the 20s of the last century: the company created new designer jewelry and handbags.

In 1929, constantly looking for new design talents, the company attracted the famous French couturier Paul Poiret to create a collection in the “Parisian” style.

Necklace Mail
Necklace Mail.

In 1937, the company hired Elsa Schiaparelli to create day and evening bags with rhinestones, imitation pearls on a gold and silver mesh.

In 1942 Whiting & Davis merged with Mandolian Co.

The company partnered with Vogue and Twentieth Century Fox in 1963, as well as famous jewelry designers in the film Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Large, stunning art glass cabochons imitating cross stitch. 50s
Large, stunning art glass cabochons imitating cross stitch. 50s.

Jewelry with cameos, mother-of-pearl, glass cabochons, colored mesh scarves are returning to the company’s assortment. In 1976 designer – Anthony Ferrara made a collection “Ready – Wear”, which included a variety of items of women’s wardrobe made of “metal fabric”.

135 years after its founding, Whiting & Davis announced a return to its origins in the manufacture of jewelry and handbags with the release of two lines Linked Collection and Anniversary Collection.

WHITING & DAVIS Co Bracelet snake with amber
Bracelet snake with amber.
WHITING & DAVIS Co Solid bracelet with amber
Solid bracelet with amber.
WHITING & DAVIS Co Vintage golden handbag
Vintage golden handbag.
WHITING & DAVIS Co Vintage clasp bracelet
Vintage clasp bracelet.
WHITING & DAVIS Co Whiting Chainmail Shawl
Whiting Chainmail Shawl.