Shibori jewelry – a new direction in Hand Made

Silk shibori Soutache earrings blue brown
Silk shibori Soutache earrings blue brown

The shibori technique gets its name from the Japanese word “shibori” – knot. Denotes one of the methods of dyeing fabric by tying, twisting, folding, compressing a piece of silk ribbon (during the dyeing process, the dye does not equally fall on the deformed areas of the fabric).

Shibori is a small piece of hand-dyed pleated silk ribbon. A piece of such fabric is quite expensive, but shibori jewelry is so magnificent and unique that true connoisseurs of beauty pay for such products without hesitation.

Shibori necklace

Shibori technique – what is it?

Why, it would seem, usually dyed fabrics delight connoisseurs? It is convenient to work with such a tape, creating the most diverse and incredible compositions, and manual coloring provides unique shades and transitions. Shibori fabric is ideal in combination with decoupage technique (decorating products using a cut image that is glued to the workpiece).


Shibori style butterfly brooch
butterfly brooch

There are several types of shibori staining:

  • homogeneous;
  • sectional (transitions in the process of applying color):
  • transverse coloring – from bottom to top along the width of the tape;
  • longitudinal coloring – along the entire length of the tape; a combination of the two previous techniques – a combination using barely noticeable or contrasting transitions.
  • Shibori-style ribbons of any kind are incredibly beautiful and in demand.

It is rather difficult to convey all their charm in words, but you just have to look at the photo of shibori-style jewelry to make sure of their special value and originality.

Shibori style jewelry set
jewelry set

Shibori jewelry: main features

In the process of creating amazing jewelry, craftsmen combine multi-colored ribbons with rivoli, beads, beads, cabochons. Here you can fantasize at your discretion. In some products, shibori fabric becomes the centerpiece of the composition, in others it is a great addition.

Shibori style jewelry is bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pendants. The variety of accessories and their originality provides not only the amazing color of the ribbons, but also different types of its laying. One of the most beautiful and popular styles is considered to be volumetric styling, which allows you to create flowers of amazing beauty. Japanese-style jewelry can be combined with both casual wear and evening wear. The main thing is that the colors of the items of clothing are combined with the colors of the decoration.

Delicate sea earrings
Delicate sea earrings

How to care for this jewelry?

Shibori jewelry is very fragile, delicate and susceptible to many negative factors. This aspect can be considered a lack of sophisticated and original Japanese-style accessories.

In order for popular handmade jewelry to delight as long as possible, several rules should be followed:

  1. protect the accessory from moisture in any form (do not wash, do not apply perfume, do not clean with a brush, but only with a dry cloth, store in a dry place);
  2. handle the natural silk ribbon with care so that no puffs appear (store separately from other products, do not wear under outerwear);
  3. protect from direct sunlight (so as not to fade paint).
  4. Shibori-style jewelry should not be stored folded – they should be straightened as much as possible and neatly laid out.
Silk shibori Soutache earrings blue brown
Silk Soutache earrings blue brown