Silver clay guru: jeweler Holly Gage and her beautiful creations

Brooch with turquoise. Holi Gage
Brooch with turquoise

Meet Holly Gage, an American jeweler, designer, teacher of a variety of silver clay courses and author of numerous tutorials and workshops.

Today Holly Gage is one of the most sought-after specialists in metallic clays in the world. And this is no coincidence: we invite you to be inspired by her works – lively, bright, filled with both nature and the modern buzz of a metropolis.

They hide in themselves openwork lines of metal and precious stones, blackening, enamel, glass, beads and a little alchemy – because the silver clay, from which Holly creates most of her works, has a fascinating path, full of metamorphosis, before turning into pure silver and becoming stylish decoration.

Clay, silver, sand. Holi Gage
Clay, silver, sand

For those who have not heard about this material before:

Silver clay is a raw material composed of 90% pure silver, crushed to nano-particles, and 10% of an organic binder and water, which allows it to be shaped into any shape before firing. Firing takes place at a temperature of 650-900C, in the process the water evaporates and the plasticizer burns out, and the silver is melted into a solid ingot, giving the purest 999 sterling 925 sterling at the exit (depending on the type of clay).

Brooch by Holly Gage
Amazing suspension
Amazing suspension by Holly Gage
Silver choker
Silver choker
Clay necklace
Clay necklace
Pearl necklace
Pearl necklace
Silver decoration/ Holi Gage
Silver decoration